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600x400Long Range Specialty pistol framed

Above: Long Range Specialty Pistol

Revolver Work: Action jobs, action and accuracy, setting barrels back and re-cutting forcing cones, re-chambering and re-barreling, T’SOB scope mounts, re-bluing, plating, barrel shortening etc. are quoted on an individual basis.

Ruger Autos: Both rifles and pistols can gain considerably by re-barreling and tuning the action and trigger. Match grade and suppressed guns are available.

Tactical Firearms: SSK is licensed as a class ll manufacturer, which means we can legally deal in machine guns and suppressors. We build suppressed firearms of various types from sniper rifles through machine guns through suppressors. Suppressed 22 pistols and rifles are very popular. The 300, 338 and .50 Whispers® are the most popular. The 300 has been purchased by numerous governmental agencies, military units and police departments. Suppressed Whispers® from 6 mm through .50 caliber are available to qualified buyers. Other than police or governmental agencies, qualified buyers are individuals in states where suppressors are allowed who do not have felony convictions.

T’SOB: The “t” stands for “tough”. This is the scope mount that stays on anything and gives the versatility to mount any scope with three or four rings. The T’SOB was the first multi-slot Weaver rail type scope mount and has been widely copied but never equalled. It is machined from high tensile strength aluminum and can be made into a full length vent rib for straight bull barrels. Various type and height rings are usable with it to accommodate most scopes. However, large scopes are your worst enemy on hard kickers. We can help you by advising which scopes we have confidence in for various calibers. We usually have a large stock of various scopes. Special mounts that tilt down are available for long range rifles to allow a 100 yard zero on the top mil dot. A one piece base for the Savage Striker or Weatherby will allow mounting of any scope. The T’SOB is a custom installation for almost any rifle or single shot handgun or revolver.

Maintenance/Service: A firearm is much the same as an automobile in that it should be properly maintained and serviced on a regular basis. SSK will disassemble, inspect, clean and lubricate your firearm. If any parts need replacing, we can handle it on most firearms; however we are not in the”gun repair” business and cannot efficiently handle minor repairs. We service what we sell and a lot of units we didn’t sell.

Note the “Diamond” barrel conversion of the single action.
The tapered octagon Super Redhawks are in 44 Magnum and an SSK 45 Colt conversion.
We frequently get into engraving.
Our local engraver is Brian Powley.
SSK 45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk conversion to a sheriff’s model.  Note the heavy barrel;
adjustable sights are retained.
Round butted Ruger Bisley model.
Originally blue, this finish is SSK Chrome.
SSK T’SOB and Arrestor muzzle brake
on a Freedom Arms 454 Casull.
SSK custom Super Blackhawk with octagon barrel, complete action and
accuracy work, T’SOB scope base and 2x scope.